Linwood Cemetery

Any person who died within the limits of the town of Paragould could be buried at the public expense as a pauper, the Mayor would issue a permit for the burial of such person in the "Potter's Field" in said cemetery. The permit would, in all cases, designate the name of the person to be buried, if known, and the number of the lot upon which the grave shall be dug.

Acreage has been added at various times, and today it is approximately fifty acres, containing approximately 8,000 burials.

Mausoleum & Crypts

Built in the center of the cemetery and on the highest point is the mausoleum, a stately stone building with pillars on either side of the entrance.

Built in 1920 with one hundred crypts, the exterior is of Bedford stone, and the interior White marble.

Notable Interments

Frank Nash, one of the FBI's Most Wanted, is interred in the mausoleum. Frank's underworld connection with gangsters and bigtime racketeers and his string of successful bank robberies, skillful prison escapes and murder charges put him on the Most Wanted List.

Governor of Arkansas Marion F. Futrell is also buried in the Linwood Cemetery. Captain Benjamin H. Crowley who served in the Confederate Army, and was made Brigadier General of Arkansas State Troops by the Governor is also buried in the Linwood Cemetery. Several WW1 veterans are buried in the cemetery.


Before the city clerk's office started handling the records they were kept at an old house, which no longer exists, that was located on the cemetery grounds. During that time the money for lots was also collected by the cemetery sexton, and then delivered to the city clerk's office by the sexton.

Cemetery Trust Fund

In June, 1975, the cemetery trust fund was established. The city entered into a Trust Agreement with Security Bank to establish a trust arrangement whereby Security Bank would act as trustee to manage funds for the maintenance and upkeep of Linwood Cemetery.

In March, 1991, Verlyn L. Heath, W H. Trice, and Richard Mitchell, Trustees for Linwood or Paragould Mausoleum, transferred assets, funds, records, and responsibility of Linwood Mausoleum to the city.


In February, 2020, prices and fees were increased as follows:

  • Grave spaces - $250
    • $200 (Plot) plus $50 (Perpetual Care)
  • Opening / Closing graves - $200 on weekdays and $350 on weekends, after-hours and holidays
    • Placement in the mausoleum - Same price
  • Cremation - $100 on weekdays and $250 on weekends, after-hours and holidays
  • The city shall charge a fee of $75 for weekdays and $150 for weekends, after-hours and holidays, for opening a grave to bury an infant less than one-year-old.
  • Any exchange of cemetery lots shall require a $35 Transfer Deed fee.

Further Information

For information or questions concerning Linwood Cemetery please contact the City Clerk's Office at 870-239-7500.


Linwood Cemetery