Fire Alarm Submittals

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Submittal Requirements for Fire Alarm Systems

Reference: 2021 Arkansas Fire Prevention Code, Volume 1 Fire, 2021 Arkansas Fire Prevention Code Volume II Building, 2013 NFPA72

A. Working plans shall be drawn to an indicated scale (not smaller than 1/8" = 1’), on sheets of uniform size (11" x 17" minimum), including a  floor plan showing exits. Plans should be submitted to the city of Paragould Fire Department. Allow at least two weeks for plans to be reviewed. 

The following items must be included in the plans:

The plans shall be designed and will be reviewed based on the requirements in the 2021 Edition of the Arkansas Fire Prevention Code Volume 1 and Volume 2, and the most current Edition of NFPA 72.  

  • Plans shall be clear and legible and all sheets shall be in a common and appropriate scale.  
  • Plans shall include interior walls and rooms. Ceiling tiles shall not be shown on the drawings. 
  • A minimum of two (2) sets of hard copy plans and one (1) pdf copy on a flash drive shall be submitted or emailed by clicking here
  • Plans shall contain sufficient detail to enable the plan reviewer to accomplish a complete review. 
  • The following information shall be provided on the plans; 
  • North arrow. 
  • Floor plan. 
  • Project name. 
  • Project address. 
  •  Device location. 
  • Site map inset. 
  • Type of device. 
  • Provide a “point-to-point” wiring configuration. 
  • Fire alarm control panel. Annunciators. Square footage. Location of doors. Intended use of each room. Location of all air handling units. 
  • Show location of all fire sprinkler risers, flow switches, tamper switches. 
  • Notification devices shall indicate candela rating. 
  • Heat detectors shall indicate temperature rating. 
  • Indicate the length of wiring between devices. 
  • The notification device wiring shall be shown different that the initiating device wiring. When necessary, they shall be provided on different plan drawings. 
  •  Scope of Work. 
  • Sequence of Operations in matrix format. 
  • Equipment List, Point ID/Addressable device list.
  • Shall indicate how the devices will report to the CSM. 

Specification booklet shall contain the following

  • A minimum of one (1) set of data specifications sheets for all devices and equipment shall be provided. 
  • Listing of the system design, operation and rest functions. 
  • Specific materials in the specification booklet are to be identified by an arrow or highlighter. 
  • Battery discharge curves. 
  • Wire specifications. 
  • Type of primary power and secondary power (i.e. size and number of batteries to be provided). 
  • Device mounting height diagrams. 
  • Voltage drop calculations provided. Shall clearly indicate each notification device and wire length. 
  • Battery calculations to include Standby and Alarm. 

The notes shall clearly indicate 

  • That the initiating circuit wiring shall be Class A. 
  • Identification of the type of conduit used, if any. 
  • Identification on the gauge and type of wire used.  
  • Authority Having Jurisdiction. 
  • The use of each room is identified on the plans.  

The title block shall contain

  • Location of the installation. 
  •  Name and complete address of the business. 
  • Name and complete address of the installing company. 
  • Licensing information. 
  •  Drawn by. 
  • Authority Having Jurisdiction.  

The riser diagram shall contain

  • All devices as they are shown on the plans, or wired. 
  • A legend shall be provided to include; All devices shown on plans. 
  • Total number of devices of each type. 
  • Symbol, device description, manufacturer, model number, and quantity for each device. 
  • Device address numbers provided for addressable/analog intelligent systems.


A. The system or systems shall be serviced at least every 12 (twelve) months. Records shall be maintained per the 2021 AFPC Section 609.3.3.1 and 609.3.3.3

B. Monitoring shall be required  in accordance with Section 907.6.5 of the 2021 AFPC. 

For a printable version of these submittal documents click here. Plan submittals can be made in person at 700 Highway 49 N, Paragould, AR 72450 or plans can be emailed in digital format by clicking here.